NarendraModi close to New Delhi suggest Exit poll result

Narendra Modi close to New Delhi suggest Exit poll result

BJP leader Narendra Modi’s electoral campaigns seems to have worked. Exit poll result show that the BJP-led NDA is likely to sweep the 2014 general elections.

In case the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) muster the majority in Parliament then Narendra Modi will become the next prime minister of the country. And is the exit poll results are any indications then Narendra Modi to close to Delhi.

The party which alone or in alliance gets a majority of 272 seats in the Lower House of Parliament will form a government. However, the magic number is quite often achieved by taking outside support from regional parties.

Most of the exit poll predictions suggested that the BJP would get its highest ever tally. The pollsters revealed that the BJP is likely to win a little more than 200 to just below 300 seats. Also most exit poll results predicted the worst ever election performance by the Congress party. 

According to the News 24-Today’s Chanakya poll predicted the BJP tally to be 291 seats and gave the NDA 340 seats. In case the prediction of this research group proves to be true then it would be the first time that the BJP would be getting a majority on its own after 1984.

The C-Voter, the NDA is expected to win 289 seats, with only 101 seats for the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance (UPA). Results of this research group are based on a randomly selected sample of 166,901 respondents in 543 Lok Sabha seats that went into polls this election. The C-Voter claims that the margin of error is likely to be +\-3 % on a national basis.

Times Now-ORG poll suggested that the NDA is likely to win 249 to 265 seats, a little short from the majority number of 272 that is quite achieable.

The Exit poll by Cicero for the India Today group predicted the NDA to win between 261 and 283 seats.

According to the pollsters’ Congress tally were also quite varied. The News24 poll attributed only 57 seats, while the Times Now poll predicted the party to win around 138 seats. If the Congress manages to win a mere 57 seats, then it would be a historic low for the party since the country’s independence.

Predictions of the Exit poll results are not always correct as was the case in 2004, when pollsters predicted the NDA to form the third successive government at the centre. Pollsters, however, have also been right, in the last assembly elections held in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh their results were correct.

Only when the election results would be declared on May 16 that the accuracy of the present exit polls will be established.

(AW: Pratima Tigga)


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