What is Miley Cyrus advise for Justin Bieber

What is Miley Cyrus advise for Justin Bieber?

Guess what words of wisdom did the tongue-n-twerk pop diva Miley Cyrus gave her 19-year-old pop peer and controversy’s favorite child Justin Bieber when she dropped in for NBC’s ‘The Tonight Show With Jay Leno’ on Thursday to promote her upcoming Bangerz tour?

“You’ve got a lot of money. Pay people to make sure you don’t get in trouble and party at your house,” Cyrus advised Bieber. “Buy a house, and add a club to it.”

However, this isn’t the first time that the 21-year-old Cyrus has rushed to Bieber’s defense

Last year, during an interview with Rolling Stone in August 2013, she said: “I’m not much older than him, so I never want it to feel like I’m mentoring him. But I do mentor him in a way. Because I’ve been doing this s–t for a long time, and I already transitioned, and I don’t think he’s quite done it yet.”

The “Wrecking Ball” singer said Bieber appeared to be “trying really hard” to change his image.

“People don’t take him seriously, but he really can play the drums, he really can play guitar, he really can sing,” Cyrus said. “I just don’t want to see him f–k that up, to where people think he’s Vanilla Ice. I tell him that. Like, ‘You don’t want to become a joke. When you go out, don’t start s–t. Don’t come in shirtless.’ But the thing is, I think boys are, like, seven years behind. So in his head, he’s really, like, 12.”

AW: Suchorita Choudhury

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