After Rahul, it’s time for Modi to face Arnab Goswami – will he?

After Rahul, it’s time for Modi to face Arnab Goswami – will he?

After Rahul, it's time for Modi to face Arnab Goswami - will he?

Rahul Gandhi, the young Congress vice-president not only shushed some of his detractors by giving his first television interview in 10 years of his active political career, batting some straight questions from Times Now’s Arnab Goswami (pouting answers that contained little substance whatsoever), but also marked a beginning of a media blitz that has brought him under the arclights like never before.

And now, the Congress party is left with the tough job of vindicating their future PM’s guile, unintelligibility, and plain lack of confidence (read the repetitive, pre-meditated, unconvincing, evasive answers that Rahul gave even when questions were specific). The hour-plus interview saw the anchor hurl a volley of crucial questions at Rahul that not only made him fib and fidget with discomfiture, but also revealed how this well-intentioned politician is torn between sharp divergence of his troubled inheritance, dynastic expectations and underlying beliefs.

The big interview has now become the butt of all national jokes and  is likely to botch up Rahul Gandhi’s chances or make people queue up in large numbers at the polling stations to vote for the Congress in the upcoming elections.

At a time when Mr Gandhi  is finding himself sandwiched between two political behemoths — Narendra Modi and Arvind Kejriwal — who have the grabbed the initiative and left the Congress looking leaden-footed and resigned to woeful election returns, his chances of catapulting the party by the bootstraps and making it believe it can win, or at least get to a position where it can exert some influence in the 16th Lok Sabha seems bleak.

Now only another cogent and powerful interview by Rahul Gandhi can possibly salvage some of the damages, we believe.

One takeaway for the BJP: Whatever the verdict on Rahul Gandhi, at least, he agreed to be grilled in full public view. Now it’s left to be seen if Narendra Modi — a consummate performer when addressing mass rallies —  will allow media interviewers to put him on the hot seat? If so, where his frank talk with Arnab Goswami would lead him? The nation speculates.

AW: Suchorita Choudhury

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2 Responses to After Rahul, it’s time for Modi to face Arnab Goswami – will he?

  1. Gauri C. says:

    Modi is a ‘darpoke’ of the first order.He will never give a interview to any anchor, let alone Arnab. Even Arnab will never accept the challenge to bring Modi to the show because he knows he will fail.
    And even if by chance Modi does agree to a interview he will run-away from it like he did the last time he was asked tough questions by Karan Thappar.

  2. manasa@20 says:

    1984 anti sikh riots,and the 2002 godhra anti muslim riots were both reprehensible acts,and all peaceloving people of our republic are greately saddened by the loss of thousands of innocent lives.our society as a whole consisting of politicians and relegious fundamentalist and fanatic forces are to be blamed for such the focus has again turned to 1984 and …2002 and the politicians are bound to accuse each other with the imminent parliament elections a mere 3 months away.couple of days ago times now channel discussions on the 1984 carnage ended as usual in political parties accusing each other. THE DISCUSSIONS WAS REVEALING AS TO WHAT HAPPENED ON THAT FATEFUL DAY IN OCTOBER 1984 FOLLOWING THE ASSASSINATION OF SMT.INDIRA GANDHI.THE BEUROCRATS ASSISTING THE PRESIDENT SHRI ZAIL SINGH SAID THE PRIME MINISTER AND THE HOME MINISTER WERE UNAPPROACHABLE ON THAT FATEFUL DAY.AS A COMMON SENIOR CITIZEN OF THIS COUNTRY,I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW ……. WHY THE PRESIDENT BEING THE SUPREME COMMANDER OF THE ARMED FORCES OF THE REPUBLIC OF INDIA ORDER THE 5000 AND ODD MILITARY PERSONNEL AVAILABLE IN THE CITY OF DELHI UPON THAT DAY TO SHOOT AT SIGHT THE PERPETRATORS WHO WERE MERCILESSLY DRAGGING AND KILLING THE INNOCENT CHILDREN,WOMEN AND MEN OF THE SIKH COMMUNITY.HAD THE PRESIDENT TAKEN THIS ACTION IMMEDIATELY HE RETURNED FROM THE FOREIGN TOUR ON THE DAY THE PRIME MINISTER WAS MURDERED,I AM SURE THIS TRAGEDY OF KILLING THE INNOCENT SIKHS WOULD NOT HAVE TAKEN PLACE

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