Did police indifference kill Esther Anuhya

Did police indifference kill Esther Anuhya?


The brutal death of Esther Anuhya has once again shamed the nation that another woman became a victim of the police indifference. The 23-year-old techie’s highly decomposed body was discovered at a secluded spot in in Bhandup, on Mumbai’s outskirts.


Esther Anuhya, hailing from Hyderabad and working in Mumbai, went missing on January 5 after reaching Lokmanya Tilak Terminus at around 5.30 am. She was supposed to reach her hostel at Andheri, but never reached there. After trying to reach her the entire day, her father filed a missing person’s complaint with the Vijayawada railway police. The missing persons complaint was forwarded to the Kurla railway police and thereafter all the police stations in Mumbai were alerted.


The missing techie’s body was discovered on January 16 that too due to the strong stench emanating out of it. The body had decomposed very badly, making it impossible to detect the manner in which she was murdered. Her private parts bore marks of injuries suggesting sexual assault. Also from the pelvis down the body was burnt. The evidence of the burning at the spot is visible with the ground having turned black.

Police explored all theories as to what could have happened to Esther Anuhya. The call data records of the victim was scanned and police talked to all her relatives, colleagues and friends who ruled out a love angle to the mystery. The angle of a jilted lover was also explored but there were no links. Could it have been a case of robbery and murder by a smooth-talking criminal? Police was ruled out on this suggesting that she was too smart for that.


The only theory that seems feasible is that the victim took a taxi or an autorickshaw from the station to her hostel. On the way the driver took her to Bhandup instead of Andheri, where Anuhya was robbed and killed, even raped possibly.


Anuhya was an employee of Tata Consultancy Services in Mumbai’s Goregaon, working there since September 2012. For christmas, she had gone to her hometown in Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh. On her return to Mumbai on January 5 she disappeared from Kurla’s LTT.


(AW: Pratima Tigga)

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