Uyyala Jampala Telugu Movie Review

Uyyala Jampala Telugu Movie Review

Uyyala-Jampala -review

  • Film : Uyyala Jampala
  • Producer : Akkineni Nagarjuna, Ram Mohan P, Daggubati Suresh Babu
  • Director : Virinchi Varma
  • Star Cast : Avika Gor, Raj Tarun…
  • Music Director : Sunny M.R.
  • Rating : fullfullfullfullfull 3 Stars

Avika Gor Uyyala Jampala Movie Review and Rating

Vuyyala Jampala is a movie with rural background. Off late our producers have forgotten the village life as the movies are racing with high budgets, foreign locales and modern life style. Similarly the audience also has started accepting rich locales and costly sets with modern way of life. It is a challenge at present to attempt to tell a story of rural lovers shooting with rural background. Akkineni Nagarju, D Suresh Babu and Ram Mohan produced the movie jointly introducing new faces Raj Tarun and Avika Gor to the cinema although Avika is a known and loved actress to the TV serial viewers.

Other Ratings

Average Movie Rating  fullfullfullfullfull3
Uyyala-Jampala -review-review


Raj Tarun (Soori) and Avika (Uma Devi) are born and grown in the same village. They are related to each other the way Telugu people accept the romantic relationship of Bava-Maradalu. Although they like each other unknowingly, they fight with each other. The incidents lead them to understand that they are actually in love with each other and cannot live without each other’s companionship.

Analysis :

 Uyyala-Jampala -review It is a simple and straight story told in an appealing way. Director Virinchi Varma used all his talent to make it a good movie. Cinematography is marvelous. The technicians or the actors did not perform like in a low budget movie. Their efforts are seen in all frames of the movie. Dialogues and music are impressive. The pace of the movie is well maintained except in the second half at a point or two.

Performance :

Uyyala-Jampala -review Raj Tarun and Avika acted very well in their roles. Their excellent performance is the asset for the movie and enthralling to watch. The romantic entertainer ‘Vuyyala Jampala’ is a feel good movie to watch in a relaxed mood thoroughly enjoying it as the comedy part of it also is made suitably well to match with the story and incidents.

Final Word:
It is a good movie to watch. It is not filled with routine stuff of a commercial movie but it makes one to feel good to watch it. It gives a feeling of living in an unpolluted world.

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